Thursday, April 24, 2008

Modernism Desire

I was almost convinced by the guys who were in the middle, however I still believe that the book is ultimately modernism. To me, the postmodernism group was a little confusing. I couldn't quite grasp their over all idea so I will describe it how I view the story. On page 22 the minister states, "The Doctor has invented a virus...we will!- discover the antidote." This supports modernism because they are searching for the solution to the problem. That solution is innovation. There are many examples such as this in the book which I think represent the entire story. Desiderio leaves the sort of tradition of Dr. Hoffman's world by defeating the Doctor and restoring order to the city. There is innovation in the sense that the city is changed from bad back to good.

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oz case said...

However what Desiderio comes up with in the end is not a solution but an accidental murder of Dr. Hoffman and the death of his beloved. Desiderio's final acts of killing the doctor and Albertina are not so much deliberate. He does not make a deliberate choice, not being able to dissolve into their otherness, he annihilates the difference.In his apathy, I don't think that he is really interested in bringing a solution. Against his alienation he has to choose one of his multilayered identities so he chooses the most convenient one: the assassin.